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From an earlier comment I felt worth sharing with the community:

When i tell people to go play CoD its not because they complain about content its because they complain about the hardcore aspects when tarkov is supposed to be hardcore. Its not even that I want to be toxic or rude, its just many people do not understand what make's Tarkov, Tarkov. Some people just want to put on level 6 shit for free and thinks it makes them special. Thing is, anyone can afford gear at a certain grind point and that's not hardcore. Tarkov should be a hill you can climb up or roll back down not a hard grind. Also cheater complaints are stale to me because I play enough to know its not at a level where it makes the game unplayable. Its mainly people who cant deal with uncontrollable failure. Don't get me wrong, they exist and the game is definitely not perfect but the things that people think are going to make the game fun again just aren't. There is literally a huge problem with the economics of tarkov right now that far outweighs any anti cheat, sound, or sprint mechanic. The game needs to be punishing or the game becomes a stale grind that you cant lose anything at the end of. Losing things is what makes hardcore games fun for people who like hardcore. Its not fun to play hardcore that you regulate yourself because no one else is.

Additional Reflections:

This economic problem stems from the Dev's listening to players a bit too much and resulted in a huge wealth gap between new players and people who play a lot. Wealth gaps should be determined by performance not by grind time. The reality is the ho profits, barters, trader prices, and common availability of high tier gear make playing after the grind almost risk proof.

New players are scared to hear more hardcore, this because it actually is hardcore for them. The reality is though that early game is great but late game gets stale because the risk is gone. The game loses the hardcore edge and gear fear at about level 35-40. But you shouldn't be rewarded just for grinding. If this game gets to the point where loot is pointless it gets tedious to manage your resources instead of fun and rewarding. The loot needs to play an important role no matter what level and how many hours you have played. This is why many long term players are getting dissatisfied and I don't think many even realize it!

The proof is in the excitement for early wipes. People are always excited for that challenge and forget what really draws them into Tarkov.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/po5hig/tarkovs_economy_a_commonly_overlooked_issue/

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