TCE Mk2 still pulls outdated market info?

So I tried TCE a while back and at that time there was no way to pull live market data from EDDB, so I abandoned the app and relied on just having to Alt-tab to a browser or having an iPad at my desk with trade route information displayed.

I recently read about how TCE changed the way it pulls market data, and it read as if it would pull live data now from EDDB on demand. However, it seems that it’s still working the same way it used to where it just pulls the log from the previous EOD and provides that data, which, most times is going to be out of date. But now it just fills in missing “outdated” data for the region of the bubble you travel to once you move outside of the current database’s coverage area.

Is this true that TCE still hasn’t evolved to a point that we can rely on it in-game to plot live updated trade routes based on the current database, or is there something I may just be missing how to do this? I don’t want to know that 21 hours ago these certain commodities were profitable only to get there and lose money.

Alternately, if TCE is working as intended this way, is there any in-game overlay like TCE that can do the same thing as going directly to EDDB’s website and plotting a trade route from real-time market data?


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