Decided you know what, i am gonna click find group and go around with randoms, maybe ill make new friends to play with as i explore!

Yeah, no, 5 out of 5 group invites i got before i said forget this, the group drops us, turn, and shoots anyone they invited in the head,

I can handle PMC extract camping, it's a part of the game, fair enough,
I can take pistol only runs going just for loot, fine it's a play style,
Paranoid scavs that panic shoot me as i come around a corner? fine, shit happens,
The asshole who left a day pack completely full of separate rounds of 12×70 buckshot? i applaud your dedication to the troll.

But the guy who's name is the thing that dangles between a guys legs with a few numbers at the end that sits in the woods lfg, invites people, and then insta brains anyone you invited on drop to steal their stuff on drop? you know exactly who you are, and you sir, are the height of cancer in this game, and anyone who mimics you deserves to be permanently banned right alongside you.


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