Teams like OG are “tanking”

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Damn it appears that many doesn’t understand how sports/esports is there mainly to make money. Let’s talk about it.

Years ago Dota 2 was just a video game and the only people making money was Valve. Most of the pro players formed teams to dream chase and hopefully win TI. Teams that were sponsored or owned by rich ppl were almost like a toy/pet, only losing money. Esports were never a place u would think to invest money and seek a return. As years go by, the esports scene flooded with more money and sponsors as ppl born in 80s and 90s( people played game) have more money to put in games. the incentives of these team owners started to change. It became more like actual sports, where money making was a priority for some instead of winning.

Let’s talk OG and Alliance. OG’s to be announced new roster consists a bunch of young kids/players from div 2. They let go of sumail and saksa, didn’t approach any top players. They probably knew topson notail ceb were all gone, and at this point they already have enough of a fan base/sponsorship to make tons of money regardless of their roster or performance. So they just cheap out on signing players and maximize their profits.

Same with Alliance, saksa available, w33 available, why did they decide to sign players from div2? B/c they know, signing top players will cost a lot more money, and the chance of winning ti + getting more sponsors is very unlikely. So they just cheap out on players and go for profits.

I don’t know if this is good or bad for the esports scene, in my opinion is terrible. OG had a huge fan base and all the support and hoped for the team is answered by greed?

I wish people can realize what’s happening and stop supporting organizations like this. Gorgc had a take on OG scamming ppl with NFTs, and I think it’s completely true. Just a cash grab and disservice to fans. Now they give us this trash roster is a complete “fuck you” in the face.


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