Teamwork combat

Is Valheim coming

What strategies of teamwork do you guys implement in combat?

In my group we currently have

1 bow/polearm (t3 bow, iron polearm level3)

1 Sword/frostner and silver shield, with t4 bow.

1 ancient bark spear, iron shield.

1 Iron maul.

1 Axe and iron tower shield.

A couple of us also create small structures(ladders, walls, platforms) in locations/battles that last longer than 1 min or 8 enemies.

Im thinking of potentially having everyone switch to using a polearm for the strategy of pikewall. With the logic of "enemies cant attack us if they are constantly being poked at 3.2 range"

What are your thoughts and wacky strategies?

Edit: what powers do you guys use with each stratefy? Obviously bonemass is best heavy DR. And i personally think the yugluth power is almost totally useless.

Moder and elder is only for traveling/chopping trees.

How many of you use eikethyr for combat? Specifically in thr plains/mountains?


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