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Hey guys, today i saw techies Mid in 10kmmr match against topson Mk. Techies player was ranked 51 in Eu and Lvl 6 on dota plus. Although he lost lane to badly to topson. Topson was not able to capitalize on this. He instead fell for techies trap two times in a row back to back. With this techies managed to recover what he had lost in lane, doing this against topson feels unreal especially on his monkey king but, he was able to pull it off. As game goes on techies picked off many kills including making rotations towards bottom lane at 10min mark and solo killing clockwerk support with remote mines. He also made rotation towards the dire top jungle and managed to get kill on iltw morpling with plus one (safelane pudge). Yes it is safelane Palos pudge and offlane wisper doom + abbadon and mangus both support. Agaisnt Polshik clock lycan earthspirit and the pro players heros.
The mid game was good for techies and they enemy team really annoyed of him. Everyone you go you find mines and they had good combo with pudge hook and magnus skewer,.. straight into mines!! Boom!!
I enjoyed this game alot.well in the late game as you know they get money to buy gems… Well in this game total 4 gems were purchased! Topson and iltw were so annoyed and outplayed by this techies… Even in the late game techies was finding solo booms! On iltw morphing in the jungle.techies participation in the fights were always there in every teamfighta. His team were too good at bringing the fights next to his mines and then techies damage is of the roof!! πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ Well although the dire team had the best late game carries they were not able to go highground against techies!! Especially against magnus and pudge.. you must take the dareπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
But they were able to get mega on mid and bot lane. But techies HG too strong they all died except iltw he managed to survive cause of his insane farm. Late game pudge and doom are really good carries both scale best. Pudge needs kills with flesh heap and because of techies he got alot of kills he had 7.5khp. In the end the game comes down to buyback status of the hero and sadly the enemy team had bought back to Pudge bait…iltw and topson tried to rosh in the end they were successful, magnus got the rp amd wanted to pull them towards the techies mines near the dire top soft camp. But he got stuned. Never the less pudge late game and doom too good. They were immortals without the aegis. And the rest is GG no buybacks GG Ez techies Mid.
What do you think about this hero? Sirsactionslacks spams this hero alot in the pubs too. Is techies that good hero? I feel if the high rank games feels soo good. The lower ranks must be awesome! Techies is so buffed? What are your thoughts on this hero.
Here is the link to the game.


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