Temporary Event Idea

Hey everyone! I am a massive fan of the game, love everything BSG is doing. With the growing number of events happening I was talking with some friends and thought of a potential event and its highly possible that its been thought of before!

Halloween 2021 Event

During the day of Halloween the following would occur:

-All Scavs are replaced with Cultists.

-Bosses and their Guards are unaffected.

-All PMC's are set to Tagged and Cursed.

-Player Scavs are also set to Tagged and Cursed.

-All maps are set to permanent Night Time (Much like how factory has a permanent day and permanent night)

Fun little day event or for a few hours or something! Let me know what you all think. It may be a bad idea, or a good idea or you can either add or remove features, but overall its up for discussion!!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/pgqpdr/temporary_event_idea/

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