Temporary relocation to Colonia

I recently arrived at Colonia in my gorgeous DBX. I did a few courier missions to different systems around there to see the sights, unlocked Mel, then decided to head off to Sagittarius A. I'm about halfway there at the moment, and trying to decide what to do afterwards.

I was considering returning to Colonia, spending the money to have my Clipper shipped up, then maybe outfit it for mining and stay a while. (It's currently outfitted for combat, so the transfer price is about a third of my funds.) Or maybe buy a new ship that I haven't flown yet, and give it whatever engineering I can.

I was wondering a few things. How easy is it to gather engineering materials? Is the mining decent? Is there a good variety of missions? I've googled some of this, but I keep finding very non-specific answers.

I was just curious if it's worth it to spend the credits transferring / buying a ship and hanging around, or if it's overwhelmingly more practical to just head back to the bubble. I figure the bubble is more practical overall, but if I can eke out at least a similar living in Colonia, I wouldn't mind staying for a bit.

Thank you in advance!


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/lnquqs/temporary_relocation_to_colonia/

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