Tested CPU Cores impcat in Tarkov. Possible fps boost? (around 4% fps boost for me)

Hi, just installed Process Lasso and tested it with capframex on Customs offline mode, of course title isnt a clickbait.

Benchmark time was 60 seconds and delay in capframex 10s, methodology was simple: alt+f couple of times and hit benchmark hotkey, after 10 seconds benchmark started. Always same position etc. + I was streaming it so maybe results would be better without it (more likely yes).

It was interesting becouse on my i7-9750h there was "big" difference in 0.2% fps on 5 cores benchmark, first test showed 3 fps more than default (default is ticked box in settings benchmark) and also after testing 4 cores I made 5 cores once again to check if effect persists, more or less it did – definetely better than default settings.

Also was always curious if Process Lasso can perform same as option in game, and yeah they was pretty the same. Ig option makes game run on High prio beside disabling HT.

I know its not a lot, just 3-4% more in 0.2% fps, but more performance is more performance, yeah?

I'll leave screenshots and im curious if anybody else experience boost with turning off cpu cores, in my case 1 core less was better than 2, but maybe someones cpu performs better at 4 cores instead 6 or something.



Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/m7bj9y/tested_cpu_cores_impcat_in_tarkov_possible_fps/

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