Tfw you wanna have a chill time in ranked. And get hit with meta. The same one. Three times. In a row :-/

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

Basically the title. I started a little less than two weeks ago, got to rank 17. Today I decided to get my quest done and just chill and play. Got matched against MO three times in a row (in general I get matched against monsters around 50% of all my matches, what's up with that?) and all of them played the same Mammuna, Bloody Mistress and Caranthir combo. Went to check, just in case, and yup, top place in meta report. It honestly felt like I was playing against the same guy, absolutely no variety. Lost all three, too, haven't seen this deck before, so was caught completely off guard. I play ST (Team Leviathan's budget beginner deck) and find it really fun, even if I lose I still love it, but goodness me. Sorry, just needed to get it out. Would appreciate some advice on how to deal with this deck as ST (if that's even possible). Also, would love to hear some of your guys "against meta" stories and frustrations if you're willing to share. Thanks~

EDIT: Make it 4 times


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