Thank Odin for the forgotten camp.

So about Day 50 we made a karve and decided to go sailing around the starting island. We make a good distance before we realized how big it was.

We stopped off an built a small camp before returning home believing the trip was a bit of a bust. No resources found just a bit of a jaunt.

Fast forward to day 210. We're really looking for silver. So far we've explored 4 mountains and only found 1 vein (Enough for Wolf Cloaks and chest pieslces) and no clue to the boss location. We even travelled to the edge of the world and nearly died to goblins/draugr/blob/gray dwarf all at the same time. We only survived because they all started fighting each other.

We we're low on meat so launched a hunting expedition on our starting land. Travelled much further than we expected and it was approaching night. I was travelling light on food as we were only in black forests and meadows on our starter island we were aware of so I was thinking I should prepare for the night. Lo and behold I come by this camp at the edge of our discovered map ready and waiting with just minor repairs needed.

With a little more daylight left over I look around. Not 1 minute walk away I come by a mountain. Rest for the night and we check this mountain out and find its the biggest we've come by. At its peak a massive silver vein. We grab what we can and make plans to return with a boat so we can properly harvest.

We Ekthyr back via a slightly different route and discover a second mountain. Both right on our doorstep. We were completely at an impasse at this point no idea where to go and no way to find another mountain without just randomly wandering. Now we have 2 mountains to explore a short jaunt from our home base.

We thanked Odin that evening for this bounty that has been given to us.

Has anyone else had similar strokes of luck when they felt they were stuus?


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