Thank you- Luna.

[please feel free to delete if this isn’t relevant]

This will probably get lost or be deleted, but I just wanted to pop a little appreciation post on for this game. Depression & anxiety has kicked me down for the past few months, & today I spent hours playing among us with just the best groups of people & a core 3-4.

Y’all with know who you are- we did the cha cha slide, played hide & seek & some of us even had a mini singing competition in lobby. I just wanted to say thank you to these kind strangers on discord & the creators of among us. There’s a lot of games that are toxic & don’t include everyone, but this one & the people in it made me laugh, we all allowed mistakes, & I was generally excited for the first time since the summer.

Yeah… you guys were awesome. Thank you for giving me a night off from everything.


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