Thank you to the one that stayed.

I ended up being the host of a room and one person started using autism as an insult. Since I’m autistic I banned him from the lobby. The rest of the group got really mad. I said that I didn’t mean to be sensitive but since I am autistic it makes me uncomfortable. Then one guy said “Well guess what now we’re all leaving because of you”. And they all left. Except one.

She could’ve been afk, but it didn’t matter to me. I thanked her for staying as new people showed up. The new people asked why I thanked her and when I explained, they were all very nice to me and had my back.

For the past 4 months, I’ve had some sort of nerve damage in the entirety of my right arm. Thanks to crummy insurance, we have yet to pinpoint the exact problem. Already being overstimulated from the pain, I’ve been having a lot of autistic meltdowns. On Sunday my dad and husband had to stop me from killing myself. I’d never intentionally hurt them and my son by doing that, but when you’re in that much pain and that misunderstood, you stop thinking clearly.

I may sound silly and over the top. But I just want to thank the person who stayed and the new group for being so kind. Kindness may seem insignificant, but it always, always goes a long way.


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