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Valheim Guide: How to Acquire Strongest Weapon in the Game

I – like many of you – picked up Valheim during the more restrictive period of the lock down. I had been at the time emotionally unwell and disconnected from the already small circle I had.

Valheim gave me a way to escape and quell the seemingly never ending anxiety. I loaded in and just chopped trees and built my base, I didn’t think. I had control of my small area in the game and felt that it was possible to regain that control in my life.

Eventually I captured a small boar and took care of something other than myself. I realized that I was being selfish in my self pity.

When the words “Boar loves you” came up on my screen I nearly broke down in tears. It had been a long time since someone (in this case something/pixels) had said that to me. I felt that there was hope of being loved and sharing love.

I just want to pass along this thank you to the devs. My perception changed as a result of your game, and at a time where everyone needed a chill pill many found it in this game you created.

I can understand that this is a vulnerable post subject to criticism (“cool dude whatever”) but in now having repaired aspects of my life that were amiss – it would be cowardly to attribute my recovery as the net result of my own “willpower/perseverance” and not acknowledge the support I received along the way.

Wish you all the best.

Edit: Thank you for all the kind messages – likewise know it does get better and much love ❤️


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