Thanks for new cards and upcoming prem tokens. But. Where’s Draft updates and contracts ? Where’s current year tree ?

gerald witcher 3 gwent table

Where're remaining leader abilities ? Or maybe Carapace is far less weak than Invigorate and the 2nd is very gamebreaking that's why it isnt here yet ?

At this point Draft most likely would be always 1 update behind, i.e. new cards came out – wait one more month for them to come + to update picks/categories. New cards still not in Draft (at least I've tried to get one for 3 times – no luck. But do you know where new cards were at day 1 ? Old Arena. It was good and it was better than this. Idk why to create yourselves a headache with Draft mode. It requires more work in general. I think thousands of players would've thank you if you brought back old Arena. Keep the Draft as well, who cares. Wanna more predictable and more broken matchups – go Draft. Wanna more random, fun and unpredictable gameplay – Arena.

A lot of players including me were getting to desired rank first couple of days of the season and spending the rest of the month in Arena. Nobody asked to remove this mode and introduce cheap, half baked product – Draft mode. I'm aware devs had dislikes regarding Arena but that was bad move.

And regarding the Elephant in the room. Why is triple Madoc still here ? It's broken af and it boosts already broken decks like 4-5 Vysogota along with several Dandelions even further. Solution – remove triple Madoc and instead make a choice of "Madoc+heaver+1 random bronze bomb". Add a small chance to get the same package OR Dragon's dream.

First round play lads n gents:

Basically now, if you wanna succeed in Draft, you MUST go for Yrden/Igni or Baron/Morkwarg smth like that. Going further you want banish/tactical seizing cards. That being said, removals/finishers is a must because of how broken this mode are and 2/3 decks could have not them to pick.

Also, ban fckn Isbel from picking card after opponent has no cards at R3. Christ.

Whoever is smart and civil to organize and summarize everything here and can spend five minutes to post discussion to reddit, please do so. I post what I think, not what devs, managers or community like.



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