Thanks to casuals the weight system was nerfed into the ground and is useless. Change my mind.

Gonna get a lot of flak, but honestly don't give a shit.
The threshold is way too high, it's nearly impossible to hit it. All the loadout management aspect was thrown through the window, when the initial threshold (30kg?) was upped significantly. Instead of having to choose between firepower or mobility like in reality, people have access to both. The system is effectively useless. People run around with 10kg M4A1 rifles because weapon's weight doesn't need to be taken into account.

People complained because they can't carry million weapons and armors out of the raid, but I think it was perfect. Insurance was way more viable, loadouts were more unique and the meta took weight into account.

Honestly, BSG might as well remove it now and no-one would notice, because threshold for being overweight is so damn high.

My 2c


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