Thankyou stranger (sorry i never got your name)

"Pardon my English" ok last year during my Stonewood launch the rocket mission a random player joined my game.. i was a complete noob back then just starting my stw journey and i guess he must have noticed that so he built the structure around the rocket, trapped it up. after starting the mission he came to me dropped lots of gold guns.. like i said i was new and noob had no idea about weapon and levels and stuff like that but apparently he was dropping candy corn lmgs and he dropped like 20 of them and all of them were 130 fully perked up so i picked them up as i was typing thankyou in chat he suddenly left the game i didn't even get his username.. long story short these 20 candy corns helped me reach twine… i only used them when necessary during difficult missions/ssds now im pl124 and can craft my own 130s but surprisingly i still have one of his candy corn in my inventory which i decided to keep forever hehe…. if it wasn't for his generosity i would still be stuck somewhere in canny valley these days lol…. i finished the entire story questline and did my final twine in 250 days login.. so yeah thankyou so much random person 💗


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