Thargoid hyperdiction -> Medusa and 2 Cyclops -> Nothing fishy onboard -> I Died … Investigating Cause

So here's the thing:

I've been hyperdicted thrice before, in a Python when I was trying to get sensor fragments for Palin. It's usually been one cyclops that just disables me, scans me and moseys back to witch space.

This time however, it was two basilisks and a medusa. I was in a DBX and I've never even fought a thargoid before. I was literally in the process of flying down to Celaeno to have my Anti-Xeno outfitted Krait Mk II shipped there. Didn't want to make a trip with only 12 Ly jump. *sigh*

So anyway, I get dropped out of the hyperspace conduit, and I see three 'goids. Then, I decided to do something risky in the small amount of time I had before they made me immobile. I decided to give one of the basilisks a quick scan with my composition scanner. "For the Codex!" I thought. I've scanned a couple interceptor wakes, but never an actual interceptor.

That was probably a bad move.

The medusa uses the shutdown field and proceeds to scan me. I just keep rocking to some tunes as I thought there was nothing to worry about. But then, they all opened fire and I was at the rebuy screen before my rusty DBX could even wake up from it's thargoid nap.

Nothing Guardian or Thargoid in my hold. I had a Guardian FSD booster but that's been scanned by a cyclops before with no trouble. Same thing with thargoid sensor fragments. I had about 30 of those laying around.

One thing I don't remember is if they were already red on my radar before they shut me down. Maybe they were already aggravated

So… Are thargoids just super aggressive now? Or does anything above a cyclops just open fire? Or was the scanning really just a bad move? Is there a cumulative effect of being scanned after hyperdiction that fills the all-thargoids-pissed-off-meter? Did they think I was mocking them by being in a ship that looked like a bug?

I'm really trying to find information so I don't get destroyed in a hyperdiction when I'm in a ship made out of a soup can. Any help would be appreciated!


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