The 10 Second Kill-Cooldown is Overpowered.

This morning I got the most stressful win as inposter.

The other imposter for voted out like first thing because someone saw him kill, so it was pretty much a single imposter game.

I killed a crewmate in electrical, but cyan came running up the moment I hopped in the vent so he reported and I quickly blamed it on cyan. The other crewmates believed me and said they would vote me out next round of cyan wasn't the imposter (Confirm Ejects was on).

I sabotaged lights immediately so the emergency meeting couldn't be called, and followed someone down to electrical. I killed them at the lights panel. Long story short I managed to pull the win by stacking up bodies in electrical.

I don't know why I wrote this, I just thought it should be brought to the community's attention (again? It's probably been done before, sorry if it has), that it makes the game a little too easy for the imposter.


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