The 12.12 flea market changes will be a disaster for the escape from tarkov community.

In the recent update and wipe, BSG has decided to ban numerous items from the flea market (mostly high tier ammo and gear and the labs access card), this presumably was to stop streamers, pros, try hards and cheaters from building unstoppable chad kits or having these items early wipe.

What BSG failed to account for was the effects that this change will likely have on the rest of the community. Most likely since labs cards will no longer be sold on flea market, people who play on labs (streamers, cheaters, pros etc) will be forced to now play on the normal maps more, with normal players who are probably not as good as them. Obviously, this increases the learning curve and the skill required for a normal person to make profit or even enjoy the game.

Now that high tier armor and ammo has been banned from the flea market, unless BSG plans to increase the stock that traders have, you can expect to see shortages of said items or the cheap armor and ammo to go for exceedingly high prices on flea market, since there is no other option. Others will claim that this incentivizes players to do quests more often, but I'd argue that it diminishes the value of the flea market, one of the biggest mechanics in the game, makes quests more difficult and ultimately stops the normal players who cannot devote hours of consistently playing to progress further.

I think at the end of the day, the people who BSG listen to are those who have the loudest voice (streamers) and those who are constantly wanting more "realism", while ignoring the other crowds who may not have the time to make suggestions or complain about bugs or changes to the game. There will probably be someone who will argue this by saying "don't play the game then" If everyone went by that logic, this game would be dead at this point.

I saw an argument earlier along the lines of "it's better to keep the high tier items instead of selling them, because you'll just lose them all next wipe" This goes both ways, so it really doesn't matter which one you choose. Having the freedom and option to sell the loot on flea market, or to traders for an extremely cheaper price or keep the loot that you fought hard for is much better and this all becomes much trickier when you throw in other factors.

Ultimately, I don't care what you decide to do with your high-end gear, but I do prefer you have the option to do what you want with it. Feel free to give ur opinions below.


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