The Among Us Story Episode 0: Prologue

So. Once a crew was sent to a space ship named The Skeld. This place has many architects and trophies. Due to fights in space, the ship is severely damaged. The government sent 10 crewmates over to fix the ship. But are they all really crewmates…? The crewmembers were excited to go on the amazing ship. They've never been more curious about what's in there. So they all got in the landing ship and eventually, they were in space. The Government sent them a message.

"So as you know your job is to finish your tasks to fix the ship as it's been in many fights. When an asteroid appears in space either activate the shields or destroy it with the ray beam. Now the ship is very damaged so you may receive some blackouts. To fix that go to the electrical room and turn all of the switches up. The lights will be back up in the blink of an eye. Also if someone gets hurt we hope there is a medic to heal your wounds in Medbay. The Skeld has all kinds of medical products."

That's all you need! Stay Safe!

So after they read the message they all scattered to finish the tasks as asked of them. You, red. Went straight to storage to refill the gas canister. It took a while. But it was hard work.

After that, red went to the left side of the ship and ran into someone.

AHHHHHHHH!!! they cried.

It was pink. They had a pink flower on their head.

"Oh, h-hey red!" They said.

"Hey there pink! What are you holding?" said red.

"Oh, this? It's just my our YouPad we got in our bags." Said pink.

"Our… YouPad?" Red said.

"Mhm! It's a thing that shows you what your specific tasks are." Said pink.

"Oh. That's pretty cool." Red said. I wanna check it out.

Divert Power To Communications (1/2)

Download Data: Weapons (0/2)

Admin: Swipe Card

Reactor: Unlock Manifolds

Storage: Fuel Engines (COMPLETE)

"So these are the tasks I need to finish, huh?" Red said. Hmm. One is actually pretty nearby. Right next to us actually!

"Ok. Pink said. I'll watch you do it!

"Y-You will!?" Red said.

"We need to stay strong to finish as quickly as possible. So why not?" Pink said.

"Well ok! Thanks for the help I guess." Red said.

So they went into the reactor room and found the task.

I saw numbers in a scrambled order.

I tried clicking number 7 and…

A loud noise appeared as the task turned red.
"What do I do?" Red said.

"Maybe try pressing them in numerical order?" Pink said.

"Ok then." Red said.

So red did what pink asked of him.

The task and the task on the YouPad turned green. It was complete.

"Wow." Red said. You know a lot about this.

"Thanks!" Pink said. I do a lot of this in my free time.

But quickly after that.


All of the lights were turning on.

Red looked at their YouPad and saw a new task.


"W-What's happening?!" Red said.


"My YouPad says we have to fix the oxygen!" Red said.

"Ok then! Let's go!!!" Pink said.

So we fixed the oxygen in the 02 room.

But in the one in the admin room…

They saw something… that completely broke them.

They found green…

With his head chopped off.

They were scared to death.


"This is bad… pink said.

"Wait. If there was actually a dead body here. What if the killer is…

One of us?

To be Continued. If this gets 5 upvotes I will do episode 1.


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