The amount of player scavs allowed to spawn in on one match on interchange needs to lowered, among other things.

Interchange has been getting absolutely ridiculous lately with the amount of player scavs spawning in. There have been countless times were me and a squad of 4 or 5 have been getting berated by what seems like waves of player scavs from all directions and with the new player scav karma system (which i agree with) they're coming in pretty geared (like pmcs) and in numbers because they stick together. I saw a post the other day of people saying they think spawn rates and locations of scavs need to be increased on interchange and I completely and wholeheartedly disagree. Maybe ai scavs. MAYBE. But god It is so frustrating wiping out all the pmcs and player scavs and being in raid with 10 minutes left having MORE player scavs swarming us and taking out some of our teammates because they got blindsided. It happens every time when were trying to pick up the remnants of the outrageous fights we've been getting into in the center of the mall and we always lose someone. Not to mention the scavs that spawn inside the mall early and wipe all the good loot spawns while were trying to make our way around to power then inside while fighting pmcs from spawn chokepoints. Interchange needs to change.


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