The Animajor was great by Weplay. But they need to start the playoffs EARLIER in the day.

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The production and the games were fantastic in this major. BUT there's one thing that I didn't like. The time they start the playoffs was a little too late. If you're going to have 4 bo3's per day, you need to start around 10am instead of 12 pm local time because there's a good chance that all series may end up going to game 3. Almost all playoff days ended around 1am-3am because of it especially with the amount of 2-1 scores in the tournament. Imagine all the teams that had to play the last series of the day starting at 11pm or 12am, that's just not good for the players at all.

And then there's the last day. Only 2 series for the final day but they still started the first series late yet again. EG vs T1 started around 4pm local time and ended around 8pm. Bo5 grand finals started around 9:30 pm to give EG some time to rest (which is totally fine) and guess what, the day ended again past midnight (1am). Imagine if the series went for full 5 games I would imagine they'll play up to 3 am again despite only having 2 series in the day.

I also don't know what's the reasoning for them to start late in the final day. It's not even good for their viewership as majority of people from SEA (which is A LOT) weren't able to watch the finals because it started 2:30am for them and I think that's the main reason why the viewership dipped down in the finals. If they started the final day 3-4 hrs earlier, people from SEA will be able to watch the finals at a more convenient time and at the same time, not significantly affect the viewership of other regions like NA where the finals would start around morning/noon time.

I'm not just saying this for so that people from SEA can watch. It's about making sure that the players can perform at the highest level each and every game. Making the players play past midnight should not be normalized and I think that is what the TO's should consider more for future tournaments. Other than that, the Animajor was GREAT and I'm looking forward for them to host a major again!


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