The “anti-meta” mode idea

gerald witcher 3 gwent table


I'm wondering about an idea of introducing an "anti-meta" mode into Gwent. The actual numbers below are just an example, for sure they'd have to be tweaked. The idea is to allow players to ban up to 3 cards that they wish not to play against. The player would choose them from the pool of 10 cards proposed by the algorithm. Then the player is only matched with opponents who play decks without the banned cards.

The opponent may be playing ranked mode and could be unaware of the fact that they are facing the "anti-meta" player. They'd rank up just as they do today.

The "anti-meta" would have its own ranked system to allow balanced matchmaking and/or it could be somewhat bound to ranked mode.

The algorithm, let's call it Gaunter, would build the pool of those 10 cards based on various parameters. Some of the cards that he offers would be the most frequently banned ones, some most commonly played ones and some would come from places like this subreddit, twitter polls, Gwent Partners, the winners of tournaments, etc.

The fact that "anti-meta" decks would be facing regular ranked ones would prevent us from splitting the fanbase. However for sure it would have implications to regular ranked system.

I'd like to know your thoughts, fellows. What do you think about the idea? How would it affect the ranked system? Are there any obvious reasons (business- or other-wise) that makes the whole idea disposable?

Edit:To clarify, the intended goal is to create a more diverse and dynamic meta, not to complain about some cards I don't like. I don't mind any card currently in game, but I do mind playing against the same decks all the time.


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