The Aretuza Journey was the first one I bought. It will also be my last.

witcher gwent cards

If CDPR thinks they can tell us we have a certain amount of time to finish something and then retroactively change that and shorten the journey by a week with zero compensation, then they can forget me spending money to support them.

Not only that, but how condescending and dismissive of a tone was struck in addressing the concerns, "its just a couple of days, so if you're not on track better get to it," just rankled me to no end.

Yes, its a minor thing. Yes, I'm just annoyed because I won't get to my Fall soundtrack I wanted. Yes, I understand journey is easy to complete- some of us play a lot of games, and we planned out how often we would need to play Gwent to get the rewards we wanted.

None of that matters. The fact is, you cannot retroactively change the terms of the agreement and expect your consumer base to just sit there and take it. Frankly, this is probably fraud. You cannot legally do what CDPR just did in the real world. The only grey area is because its an online service. It is certainly ethically wrong and it leaves a very sour taste in the mouths of many of your consumers.

I hope your meeting on Monday makes you change your mind. I guarantee you it will be the last purchase I ever make in this game if your solution is the current status quo.


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