The behavior score system is terrible and fails to understand player psychology and incentives.

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Why it's bad:

1) Dooming turbo, the casual but also quickest game mode, to be filled with its most toxic players trying to grind behavior score.

2) Incentivizing its most toxic players to play a lot of games to grind behavior score making it more likely for everyone else to queue with them.

3) Discouraging communication in an increasingly team dependent game as not using chat is the only surefire way to not get comm reports.

4) Giving high behavior score players a free pass to be an asshole every so often because score is capped and changes very marginally from game to game.

5) Making low behavior score players even more toxic by forcing them to spam a lot of games with each other.

6) Not providing clear feedback to players when they behave poorly because the punishment is a score that changes very slowly over time.

A much more effective system would be to simply temporarily ban reported players from queuing. This forces them to take a break and cool off, provides clear feedback that they did something wrong, and gets them out of everyone else's queue.


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