The changes to resource farming is a detriment to explorers.

It seems FD's solution to farming was to "kill" any node within draw distance on logout. Does this address log farming? Sure does… as blatant overkill. Nothing says you can't log farm anymore like killing any/all nodes within draw distance.

Now as an explorer if I log to take a break, log off for the night, or whatever reason… when I return to the game any area I landed in is now DEAD. What do I mean by dead? Seemingly in a 10km circle of my ship all resource nodes are non existent. I wasted 3 tanks of SRV fuel to learn this…

On multiple occasions I have set down on a HMC to farm for jump mats, and I'll need to leave after so long of driving around. When I come back the entire area that was full of nodes is utterly dead. You will have to drive an excessive amount to get out of the zone, or entire orbital flight and go somewhere else.

Oh and what if you have a bad connection which causes you to DC frequently? Sorry, same problem. Everything you were collecting is now gone, and all the nodes you had on screen are also gone.

Moral of the story? Leave your game running if you don't want to come back to a dead planet. Granted I don't think this problem will affect "most" people, but for us that are 40-70k out? Ya… it does.

For shits/giggles I tried swapping to pub, private, solo, exit… all had the same result. The moment you leave your instance you're boned.


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