The community is a mirror…

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I often see posts here stating how toxic the community is, I wanted to shed some light on the awesome experiences I have had since returning to the game 3 weeks ago after several years away. And how my reactions help shape my experiences.

In the last week I have had players initially starting complaining about stuff. But in the end we get along, win or lose, and walk away amicable towards one another.

For example, I was playing pos1 sniper and we were losing bad, my pos2 clinkz starts getting mad about my DMG output. Instead of getting super defensive, I simply reply "hey man, I'm trying. I have poor farm and can't do much. Sorry the game is going poorly, I have not been carrying my weight as safelane."

Guess what happened next?

He said "yea, I'm sorry I was short. Just hate losing is all…"

Me too brother, me too.

I share this not as a profound or unique experience, but rather a reflection (pun intended) on how the level of toxicity one experiences in games is determined by one's own reactions. The community you see is often a mirror (perhaps distorted) of your own personality flaws.

I am no saint, I quit the game in my late 20s because I would rage. Perhaps age has granted me the patience this game (and community) needs.

Have fun out there gentlemen, and may the draft be ever in your favor.


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