The coolest thing just happened – I only wish it happened more

I had just landed at a shut down settlement near Colonia with a mission to reactivate it when I saw the radar signature of a CMDR in a Krait Mk II on my SRV's display. Instantly, my mind raced with what could be happening – was I about to be attacked by a pirate or bounty hunter? Was this a rival mercenary who I would have to confront in addition to the scavengers? I started taking fire from the scavs around the base so I prepared to handle them first, hailing the CMDR with a quick o7 to demonstrate that I had no ill intent. As I fought the dozen enemies around the base, I began hearing rocket fire – the CMDR had landed and had expertly positioned himself atop a building across the base from me. We had our enemies surrounded! Together, we quickly mopped up these low-level hostiles. I jetted over to say hello, and he sent me a greeting and thanks for assistance. We'd both been assigned missions at this settlement and just happened to arrive at the same time.

What a cool little experience! Player interaction is always the best part of an MMO, I only wish we had these kind of spontaneous crossing of paths more often.


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