The current state of the game’s meta is the death for all meme decks

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

I've returned to Gwent last month and I absolutely love(d) this wonderful game. But with the current meta and powercrept cards it's simply impossible to have success with meme decks – and I'm already talking about training casual mode, not ranked!

Here's the reasoning:

1.) Powercrept cards and strategies like triple Melusine, massive point slam and nonstop reviving anti-fun binary cards like Keltullis in MO

2.) The first point leads immediately to the second issue: Heavy tech and control like "every turn lock NG" or hyper deny ST bombs/spells etc.

Now what that means for all meme decks is pretty obvious – usually they neither can hold up vs. brainless pointslam nor stand a chance vs the heavy control matchups which basically denies all their strategies.
It's simply impossible for me to play my many meme decks which I always loved to create and play in casual training mode (ranked is way worse, I've tested it). I'm literally at the point where I have to tech heavily vs both types of playstyles cause of their powercreep and prevalance which basically doesn't leave enough space to fit all the meme cards I'd like to play.

Hence it totally feels like I have to play a strong meta netdeck or already lose in deckbuilder.
If this state of the game keeps existing I just have to quit for the time being – and this would make me very very sad, cause otherwise it's one of the greatest card games ever….

What do you think about my statement? What are your thoughts about meme decks in the current meta?


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