The Devs will be kicked soon for being idle….

So, serious note, and I know many people have left the game, admitting defeat that Epic are never going to finish the game we thought we were signing up to (I've played since 4th Aug 2017). I'm of the same opinion, the game won't get 'finished' – not properly. It was announced that development was 'slowing down'. Well, there's a difference between slowing down, and STOPPED.

We get the Home Base Status Reports – (99.999% of which is simply copy/paste from somewhere in the timeline)… but here's the thing : ZERO bug fixes.

I tend to dash through Ventures quickly, just to up the Power lvl – although I do keep asking myself WHY I need to increase my Power lvl…. and we are STILL getting various errors when the game has finished, and of course the good old 'Failed to Lock Profile' is still with us, if you try queuing for another game within 1 to 2 minutes of leaving the last game. WHY have these not been fixed?

It's amazing to think that the BR Mode gets many tens of millions of dollars every single month, and yet NONE of that is put into finishing the game they started.

I almost envy the people who are quite new, and still enjoying the game – perhaps blissfully unaware of the NEGLECT Epic has shown Fortnite. It's such a cliche, but this game had so much more potential – just to carry it from a good game, to a truly great game. It came so close to achieving that!


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