The difficulty of balancing this game and keeping it focused

I’ve noticed the tug of war in this Sub Reddit between people who want the game to be what they personally want it to be. The obvious and recent posts about PVP, the in game economy being too soft/too strict, dynamic loot and so on.

What I’ve noticed consistently in these posts is that some appear to aim blame at a certain type of player that doesn’t fall in with their own play style and/or insisting the devs aren’t doing enough to support a certain type of player or even sometimes suggesting implementations to punish other play styles.

After reading many of these posts and attempting to discuss and understand people’s perspectives, I feel like a lot of people are forgetting what this game offers people and why we need to learn to avoid being reactive to a problem or concern and really think about every aspect to something before posting a minor essay on how the game would be better if we had ‘xyz’

For example, I’ve seen a couple of posts suggesting that the game is ‘too easy’ and it needs stricter economic changes so that people can’t make figures like 20 million or above (which I currently have surpassed myself) and others suggesting the exact opposite and I’m gonna use this as an example to lead into my point.

I have recently just surpassed 20 million and yes, it wasn’t exactly too difficult I guess (especially once I unlocked the flea market) but it also required a lot of time and investment on my part in order to do it. I don’t do fun action packed runs, I don’t do quest after quest…I did boring, repetitive and laborious loot runs and avoided people whenever possible for over a month so I can replenish items easily so I can attempt more risky tasks as a solo player. Now whilst it is ‘simple’ it also requires patience and being constantly aware for 20-40 minutes and it can be exhausting. I rarely get jumped and most of the time I manage to beat anyone who manages too but this as a result of not relaxing for a whole session.

Now this isn’t a vent or a counter but more so perspective. I don’t HAVE to play the game this way, it is my choice to do so. This game is the epitome of ‘player choice and freedom’, it’s the only shooter I know that doesn’t kick you for hiding in a bush for an entire game or not moving. It gives you tasks but no objective, everything you do is completely up to you and that (to me) makes your achievements in this game so much more gratifying and satisfying because they were all created by your own volition.

When you want a change made that forces a different play style in people you actively oppose that sense of liberty that the game offers you that call of duty and battlefield do not. What makes the multiplayer organic is that it’s all driven by each of us and the game isn’t telling us to ‘capture objective A’ or ‘secure this area’ and that is what drew me to it in the first place. Perhaps this is why they are decentralising the good loot on maps and spreading it around, so that every game doesn’t play out exactly the same way. A youtuber called ‘Sovietwomble’ recently made a bunch of commentary videos about this kind of topic when talking about DayZ and a game called ‘the isle’ that I’d recommend.

I’m not insisting we sing kumbaya in the sub but try to be more open minded and open to discussion when raising an issue or suggestion about this game.

My bad if this went on too long. Hope I actually made some sense.


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