the epic and heart breaking tale of regular “Reginald” reggie the wolf.

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I am here to tell a story. A story about how four friends raised a young pup and fought the stormy seas to save that pup, Reginald. I know what you’re thinking this is just a game… right? Well this journey conjured very real emotions for four friends; Doobie, Toki, Ozzmundok, and Capskag. Here is their story.

In the bountiful village of Frohgland, our four friends decided it was time to bring wolves to the village. After planning they realized the logistics would be quite time consuming. So they vowed to go big or go home.

They were only going to do it once so it had to be a 2 star wolf.

They spent nights trying to track down a 2 star wolf and after reading up on the process, they realized they had to get a regular wolf first. Enter Reggie; the first tamed wolf of froghland. Befriended continents away from home on Big Silver mountain. Reggie spent many nights alone despite the best the friends best efforts to find him a prime candidate. Finally, the friends found one and brought it to their mountain pen to mate with Reggie. After many days of training and feeding, Reggie and his 2 star mate had a pack of (6) 2 star wolves and Reggie.

When the pups had grown into adult sized wolves, the friends decided it was time to transport them back to Frohgland.

For the first four wolves the journey was easy and they made it back safe to the village without incident.

The second trip was longer as the friends decided to bring the remaining wolves back to their “Plains base” called The Farm, and so it began, the legend of Reggie. Ozzmundok took the the simple no star wolf by his leash and brought him to the longboat. it was then that we knew something was special about this wolf because he got INTO the boat while the others simply swam beside it. This was when he earned his namesake, Sir Reginald, lovingly referred to as Reggie, short for Regular.

The journey from the north to the south farm was no laughing matter. Though the friends had Modor on their side the trip was still grueling. After navigating the most treacherous part of the journey. With clear sky’s and smooth seas the unthinkable happened. A rogue wave launched Reggie out of the boat and detached the other wolves in tow. Toki valiantly leaped out of the boat in an attempt to secure the wolves but was only able to wrangle the 2 stars before drowning. In the shuffle and process of retrieving Toki’s grave and due time constraints, the powers that be decided to proceed forward and complete the mission. Reggie was believed lost to the ocean.

The friends continued on, shaken by the experience. When the same mishap would happen again, they would find a sliver of Hope. One of the two remaining wolves had gotten off of his leash and disappeared in the waters behind them. Faced with the reality of wasting an hour sailing one wolf to their plains base, who would assuredly die without the support of a pack, they spun around and searched. What was lost was quickly found. Floating patient where he was detached, he was scooped up and the friends made it back to the farm.

Revitalized by the successful rescue, the friends were inspired, and vowed to search for Reggie.

Using only Toki’s death marker as a base to search out from, the friends made it back to pass and began their search only to find a Sea Serpent stalking the waters where Reggie was last seen. The friends dispatched the creature and continued onward wondering if the beast had found him first. After days at sea and little hope, they friends wondered if he had swam to shore. they landed and searched but there was no signs. Feeling hopeless and dejected, they built a stone pile in remembrance of the pup that was left behind. They gave up and began to bring the boat home to the village of Frohgland. Seconds after launching for home a storm hit and the sea began to swell and churn in the thunder and lightning. However, through the storm, Capskag spotted a figure floating in the distance. IT WAS REGGIE! floating along the in the massive waves. After a tense 10 minutes fighting the waves and days at sea, our little guy was at last safe with us once again.

Elated, we made a course back to Frohgland with our new mascot and true viking survivor Reggie.

By this point so close to home, a few too many rocks and serpents had the boat in desperate need for repair. So the friends made landfall in the black forest to repair the boat. Upon landfall and with the storm still raging Reggie began to pull from his lead as if trying to chase or attack something.

Capskag was the first to spot it and shouted “Troll!!” The friends leapt into action but before they could reach the troll, a giant wave crashed onto the shore, submerging and disarming the friends. The ugly bastard log troll rolled up on us, unfazed by the rising waters, slamming around his oversized log. The encounter lasted seconds but as if in slow motion, slogging through the receding wave, we watched as Reggie jumped towards the troll to protect us paying the ultimate price, crushed under the massive log.

The friends were distraught and heartbroken after watching their epic journey, daring rescue mission, and Reggie’s story, end in tragedy.

they gathered reggie up and brought him home. they buried him and erected a monument over his grave in honor of the late, Sir Reginald “Reggie” the regular wolf.

Reggie deserves to be remembered as the epic wolf he was. He wasn’t regular at all, he was better than any two star wolf. We will never forget him. the legend the myth the hero.


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