The fact that this new “confirm match” cheat that lets you scout before even clicking accept has any success at improving winrate at all is proof that matchmaking deliberately doesnt create even games a huge percentage of the time.

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Matchmaking is supposed to make completely even games for both teams. Now, when you get to the tippy top brackets there are less players, so of course the teams arent going to be exactly even because less people are queuing up at any given time.

But if matchmaking was doing its job, this cheat would be literally useless. There would be literally no value in scouting players before hitting the accept button if matchmaking creates even games enough of the time.

If this cheat makes rises in winrate any larger than like 3% just means the algorithm either intentionally does this or needs a huge overhaul. The fact that match quality is so fucking terrible (Griefers and player behavior aside) to even call for the creation of such a cheat should be a gigantic signal in the ability to play an actual fair game of dota 2.

This isn't up for debate really, the fact that a cheat now exists that improves your winrate beause you can clearly see unfair games before they happen means that your chances of winning a game are basically sealed before the game starts.

If the matchmaking quality didnt scew games before they start there would be no reason to create this cheat.

For those out of the loop: Context reddit post of the cheat from earlier this month with video of it working


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