The fight to free the Scriveners!

This current CG has developed into something interesting.

Now that tier rewards have been revealed for the Scriveners campaign it has clearly become a CG about making a MORALE choice.

Do you use the same tired old dead space ship scanning exploit to sell out thousands of innocent people who have been captured by Orion?

Here's how I see it.

Orion show's up "Boo! Hey! We just disabled your Dredger and put you all in mortal danger. You are all going to die! 😀 Want to live? Give us EVERYTHING you have researched for the last 200 years & WORK FOR US FOR ETERNITY. Otherwise we are going to suffocate you & take your shit."

They are basically offering The Scriveners close to 5 million copies of Jamesons porn stash as a consolation prize to being forced into slavery.

I have turned in 0 data, and plan to keep it that way. Deep down I like being able to sleep at night, I'm not even going to pretend to sell out people for profit here. I'm using 2.5Billion to fund the Humanitarian relief effort to free the Scrivener clan from the grasp of Orion and let them be the free society that they are entitled to be.

It doesn't matter what they have, it's theirs and this is wrong ~.~

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