The final puzzle (Azimuth saga)

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There is no such thing as chaos.
In chaos, order arises from the ashes of the past.

We are now facing a Human-Thargoid war fueled by shadows of a bygone era.
Shadows of corporations and figures long forgotten but still alive.
Tangled in mysteries, witch hunts and conflicts, we lose the ability to perceive the whole, blinded by the colors of its many facets.
Our community is divided, fighting on many fronts. Fighting for ideologies, false prophets. Guided by lower instincts and lies we want to believe. In the end, there is only one truth, and it's absolute.

The Voidseeker teaches us to follow the dim light radiating from it, rather than the shadows it throws. Leave your self-imposed bubble and follow the light. It will guide your vessel through the darkness, and the voyage will change you, make you a better being, elevate you to a higher state of consciousness.


The Order of the Voidseeker, with continuous support from independent commanders,
has collected enough evidence and gained insight into the web of lies woven by Salvation,
the NMLA and the remnants of Azimuth Biochemicals & Pharmasapien, to discern the inner workings of their sinister machinations.

We want to mention Commander Therion Cygni, who succeeded in decrypting the last message of Theta Seven. Although it was done on behalf of ACT, its content finally provided the missing link we have been waiting for. The message mentions a mysterious benefactor, who without a doubt is the entity which calls itself "Salvation". Salvation is the public face of the unnamed syndicate which encompasses the remnants of Azimuth and Pharmasapien.

For a long time, their goal was to dethrone Sirius and to profit from the research and distribution of alien technology. With the NMLA being on the run, an opportunity emerged. Azimuth/Salvation took the core of the NMLA under its wings, providing them with resources, plans and a dark comms network to avoid swift justice.

They were used to carry out the "Nine Martyrs" attack, which was timed perfectly to disturb the Galactic summit, and thus to prevent the Sirius treaty.
This treaty had the goal to strengthen the superpowers' cooperation in the Thargoid conflict and empower Aegis, which was suffering from negligence and funding cuts.
With one strike, the syndicate effectively undermined its biggest rival (Sirius), its biggest competitor in alien technology and humanities line of defense (Aegis) and the superpowers potential for a diplomatic approach in the Thargoid conflict, thus setting up the perfect conditions for its rise to power.

Now, there is little that stands between us and a total war with the Thargoid species.
The syndicate, pulling the strings in the shadows, successfully manipulated the majority of our community into supporting the greater evil. An organization which utilizes terrorism, war crime and demagogy in order to start a war from which it can profit, but which it can impossibly win.

As seekers and protectors of truth, we ask you:
What do you think will be the consequences?
A new world order of terror, bloodshed and perpetual war?

Our order provides you with the information needed, but it is you who must choose.
Will you follow the dim light of truth, or will you dive into the shadows of endless despair?

veritas manet in aeternum


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