The flea+saturation causes a huge power gap

Thanks to u/arxmessor for really condensing my argument into easy to digest bullet points. This post is making a case against the power gap between pre and post lvl 20. This game should reward the grind, but it is a bit ridiculous especially early wipe.

• Having abundant AP ammo spawning in raids doesn't fit the lore ("isn't realistic")

Simple enough to explain. This is after the raid series and contract wars, what hasn’t been scooped up by scavs is going to be subpar, definitely not top tier stuff. Sure we cant always bend gameplay to lore but its pretty weird I can pick 60 rounds of M995 out of a russian post-apocalyptic town.

• Having abundant AP ammo(and armor) spawning in raids saturates the game with high tier items.

This makes them cheaper and easier to access on the market. This saturation eventually gets so bad that people get bored take a break and Nikita decides to wipe.

• The power gap between high tier gear and low tier gear mitigates a significant amount of skill

As arx put it, go ahead and clone yourself. One gets an altyn, killa armor, and M995, the other gets a penis helmet, lvl 4 armor and M855. Who is going to have a better win ratio over 100 games?

This isnt about being stingy its about a power gap and how the flea+saturation amplifies it.

This combo mitigates a ton of skill. If I am a new player or a pre-flea player, there is a good chance I will be running am sks with ps. Someone who wants to go “chad” can easily get their hands on the farmable “killa armor”.

So pit me against this guy with killa armor. it takes me 5 direct hit before I even get a pen chance in the double digits. I can dump 6+2 rounds into his thorax and then he MIGHT die if those 2 rounds do pen. Meanwhile his M995 zips right through my trooper killing me in Three full auto shots.

One shot and I am probably a cripple.

There are three ways I see to fix this.

• Nerf the possible spawns of high tier armor and ammo to 3 places: Labs, rarely boss guards and reserve.

• Nerf the ammo and armor, make the primary reward for grinding low recoil and skills.

• make armor and ammo unsellable on the flea market.

Feel free to rebuke any of my points, however I will pay no heed to slander or elitism.


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