The fun is back, but how to find new goals?

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Hey guys, I always had goal in Gwent each season, it was to reach Pro Rank to complete the contracts related to them (like "Finish the Season of * in Pro Rank"). I started last year around April and the first time I reached Pro Rank was the Season of Dryad last year. Since then I reached Pro every season, sometimes after some days, sometimes after 1 – 2 weeks, but that kept me grinding.

So this is the first season where I completed all my personal goals and I must say, I have much more fun playing Gwent then before. Since the start of the current season I just play what I want to play and don't care about winning or loosing, all the pressure is gone.

But instead of playing for example 10 games a day I just play 3, because there is no attraction anymore. I am the type of guy who needs some goals in games. I mean yes, I have more fun then before, but "only" fun doesn't keeps me at games. This sounds paradox, it's hard for me to explain that.

So here comes my question, what kind of goals do you have any season? How do you stay motivated to play? I don't have the time to try to reach Top 500, so that's not an option for me. Unfortunetaly there is no reward between Pro Rank and Top 500 which I could set as a goal each season. I also have a full collection with a lot of leftover resources.

I mean you could say "If you aren't motivated anymore move on and play something else". I started already to play some other stuff since last season, but I love the mechanics of Gwent and don't want to give it up completely because of that.

TL;DR: What are your goals in Gwent each season? I need to find some inspiration.


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