The game crashes a lot.

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Warriors Ice

Okay so idk if im the only one here, but my game craashes like A LOT.For starters, when i have to boot the game the first time i turn on my pc. It takes about 4-6 minutes just to load up and if another window pops open or i minimize during that the game will freeze and crash (it happens everytime).Another thing is that i've been having some issues with my headphones lately, where it randomely disconnects but everytime it disconnects my game hangs.I cant minimize properly it wont let me open task manager.I have to open task manager then press the up arrow key and press delete.Its so bad that it doesnt even show the task manager or would let me open that window it just closes the game when i do it, sometimes it doesnt even do that and i have to force it shut down and restart my pc. Is this garbage game only broken for me?

my specs btw

i7 3770

rx 580 (8gigs)

8 gb ram


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