The game is a mess as of now

Okay, first of all i want to say that i have been playing this game on and off since 2017 ( started during 0.7 and as of now i have around 4000 hours in the game) so i think i can give a bit of insight of how the game has progressed during the years.

The game has always had ups and downs and i must say that this patch launch has been one of the most successful in terms of server stability (not talking about desync) since i could play the new patch from the first day without any downtime and even when the servers went down the issues were fixed in a couple of hours at max (Good for you BSG).

Now the thing with this patch is that the desync makes the game unplayable at times and it has been getting worse the last coupe of weeks (the servers were actually more stable during the twitch drops event witch is surprising). This should get looked into ASAP in my opinion since it's the most game-breaking problem at the moment since it's a constant thing and it should not exist in an FPS game. The number of times i have gotten killed around a corner or had an enemy shoot me without even popping in on my screen is insane, the worst thing is that i've had multiple instances in witch i would kill an enemy just to take damage from them after they died. The weekends are even worse since there's more people playing the game at that time and the server problems start to be noticeable even when out of raids (item move errors that make items disappear until you restart the game or just errors that send you back to the main menu making gearing up a tedious process). Fixing the server problems should be your main priority.

Yeah, the desync has always been there and it was worse back in the day (hatchlings eating more bullets than a geared player and hitting you with axes from 5-10 meters away was a thing that happened on a daily basis back in 0.7) and i must say that at the beginning of this patch it was less noticeable.

As for the hackers, we have come a long way in terms of getting rid of them, back in the day you guys had your own "anticheat" that you assumed banned all the hackers witch was quite BS since they were running rampant on all maps. As of now battleye has been doing quite a good job at banning hackers (i haven't met an obvious hacker this patch yet but i must admit i haven't been going to labs) and i hope it stays that way.

As for game mechanics i have quite a lot to talk about so buckle in boys. First of all i am going to talk about the direction the game is heading towards, it just feels that each day we get closer to a fast paced shooter like call of duty or battlefield with all those nerfs to stamina and buffs to recoil.

I am a guy that enjoys sniping and i must say that this patch has hit me hard, the ergonomic and stamina nerfs have made most of the sniper rifles underpowered since even while prone the stamina gets drained so fast you can't really scan areas for players trough a scope reliably. I do understand why you guys made this change but it should really get looked into since it ruined sniping.
As for the character recoil or w/e it's called that change was something i've enjoyed quite a lot since it makes target acquisition way easier when shooting high recoil weapons.

Now, those changes coupled with the peeker's advantage have made playing slow and methodical something that can no longer be done (you either sit in a corner and hope someone walks past you witch i don't think is an enjoyable tactic for the most of us or run around the map with an smg taking advantage of the desync and beaming people that don't even see you on their screen). As of me, this has really been a turnoff since every time you try to play slow/smart you get obliterated by someone running around like a headless chicken. While i do understand that anyone can play the game as they want this is getting ridiculous since you are constantly being put at a disadvantage if you are not running and gunning.

I think those are the main problems the game is facing at the moment and i do hope the devs acknowledge them and try to fix them.


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