the game is in a very un-fun state compared to start of wipe, to the point where it’s so frustrating that I made a reddit to express my thoughts

INB4 you guys roast my ass, I love this game and constantly follow it, and I want it to be massively successful, so it's not like I'm just blindly spreading hate or being a crybaby. I mostly just wanted to spark discussion about the game and ways to fix some of its issues.

tl dr; spawns suck pp, late spawning ruins the entire raid, everybody is a camping rat because of hackers, anti-rmt, and streamer influence, please share your thoughts/opinions in a healthy and constructive way, we all experience the nuances of the game differently 😀

Came back to the game after being successful the first couple months of wipe. I have plenty of money and don't need to worry about having shit gear etc or running out of roubles. My PMC is level 36, has about a 50% survival and a 4.0 k/d, so I'm not a total noob, but I'm no Klean or LVNDMARK. With that being said, what the hell happened to this game?

My first raid back, I get spawned on the East on Shoreline and die 5 mins in to a duo snipe camping their north spawn…

For my second raid, I try out Interchange. I was not sprinting or doing anything to make excessive noise, but I get head/eyes'd across the room by a player crouched in a random corner with a shotgun.

Third raid, I spawn 4 minutes late on Interchange for absolutely no reason. My game took 2 minutes to load, which means it back-filled me into a started game. BACKFILLING SHOULD NOT BE A THING IN TARKOV.

Anyway, I then go into IDEA and get camped by someone with a silenced meta M4 at the top of the stairs (probably shouldn't have gone in there, but why is someone waiting there for ~4 minutes with chad gear at this point in the wipe when he could have just ran to the mall and actually got good loot).

The spawns are so horrible, not just on Interchange, but on several maps. For Interchange it's mostly because there's 10-14 players on a map that should realistically have around 8 players. What good is having that many people on the map if 1/3rd of them die in the first 2 minutes because the spawns are too close? There's nothing tactical about that. It feels completely scripted because I know where everyone else has spawned nearly every time and where they're going. If you reduce the player count to 8-10, players, you can then have the same spawns, but randomize which ones people spawn in. I don't think there's any way to completely fix the spawns outside Interchange, just because the spirit of the map is to rush the mall, but this could potentially help, especially with dying on a late spawn.

I have a computing background, and it cannot be that hard to halt the server until everybody joins. Doesn't it sound like a comically simple thing to do? Because it most likely is… Almost every game where back-filling is not a thing does this (MOBA's for example). Imagine if someone loaded in late into a competitive match of Overwatch or Siege or something. That's just dogshit. This never used to happen to me, and I would honestly almost always spawn in before any of my squadmates at the exact start of the raid, but this late spawn shit is happening frequently now.

Each subsequent raid after that, I run into people just sitting and waiting in random spots for clearly a disgusting amount of time. Each raid I was in was quiet the entire time aside from a gunfire from one or two people, most likely killing scavs (and of course my ass getting blasted).

I remember how fun it was at the start of the raid when people actually played the game, but now with all the anti-RMT changes, hackers, and LVNDMARK constantly spreading negativity about the game on his stream, saying PVP isn't worth it, etc (I like Tony, he's cool don't get me wrong, but he doesn't experience Tarkov the way a majority of players do because he has discord servers dedicated to stream sniping him), everybody's play style has changed because they're afraid of losing money/gear, and the game just isn't that fun anymore. I don't know what needs to be done to fix some of this stuff, but I'm hoping this sparks discussion. There's no way I'm the only one that feels this way. I don't want to change the way I play the game, because being a loot rat is not fun for me, and I'm assuming a large portion, maybe even a majority, of the player base feels the same way.

To me it feels like it's not hard enough to make money to warrant this type of gameplay, but I guess for the average player it could be, but I find it hard to believe. Thoughts?


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