The ghost rebellion than ran off Vanos, Moo, and Noglo from their own lobby

I was in a lobby last night with three players who were apparently famous YouTubers. I never heard of them, but they were something like Vanos, Moo, and Noglo.

They must have been using some kind of hack because, without fail, one of them was always the imposter.

Even when caught red-handed they would defend each other and vote us normal players off or kill us.

We were all in the ghost chat together and devised a plan to stick together.

At one point when we started to come out ahead, Vanos tried to ban one of my group, but they changed their name and rejoined. Lol

We could never get imposter or kill them, but we finally grew our numbers enough that we kicked one of them from their own lobby. The other two then left at the same time.

So, suck a hard one Vanos, Moo, and Noglo.

And if you were one of my fellow rebels, hit me up so I can play with you guys again!


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