The GL is a fantastic addition to the game. Hear me out.

I was running through the underground of Reserve after having a successful raider run. I dropped 2 guys in the underground in a duel, felt amazing. They were geared to the tits. I heard someone else come, and prepared myself for battle. Reloaded my mag, took a painkiller, and got ready for a firefight with another player. I was stacked behind a corner getting ready to peek.

I heard a thump and instantly died, it was a grenade that was shot from down the hall. What a play! I was taken aback; this raid experience was capped off like a cherry with that encounter. My adrenaline was going, but now I wouldn't need to engage that 3rd player! What a twist! I was ready for a firefight but BSG knows how to suprise folks; I ate that grenade like a pro and died so well!

Thanks for the GLs in the game BSG, I can really see your vision come to life and I love every second of it. What is your favourite "I died to someone I didn't see using a GL with a single click" story? I'd love to hear them so I can relate.


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