The “Good Gaming Chair Users Aren’t That Much of a Problem” Comments

Keep in mind most of the "it's not all that bad" comments you see are probably from cheaters who don't want their fun taken away. Stop me if you've heard this one: i hAvE tWo-tHouSanD hOuRs aNd i oNly eVeR sAw oNe fOr sUrE cHeAteR on lAbs. Bullshit. I have seen several obvious cheaters over the years in my 2500 hours on all the maps, some of which are obviously worse than others. Guys like Tweak and Lvndmark are so quick I'm sure they'll often obliterate people using esp as it only takes you so far but it definitely gives those users a ridiculous advantage over the average 30 year old schmo playing this game, so they're more likely not to notice the problem as much. I've heard the argument that the "cheating is rampant" posts are just thinly veiled advertising for cheaters which I've seen but its always pretty obvious when that's the case. Cheating is never justified, and for most of us any out of game artificial advantage would take all the fun out of it. Most of us want these wastes of skin gone but remember, they're among us.


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