The Gwent approach to cosmetics

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Read some of the comments in this thread:

Like other CCGs and most other games these days, the game has a massive abundance of digital content. You know, digital assets (art, content, leader models, cardbacks, etc) that were probably hired out to some design studio at some point in the last 5 years.

Here's the point: the very fact that there are is so many digital assets is in itself a form of exclusivity. If there are two amazing card backs you love, you can only use one at a time.

So, gatekeeping players from being able to buy content from the past that they like is only hurting Gwent's own sustainability and longevity.

Trust me, I am not going to be offended if you give new player Larry the opportunity to buy the Geralt Journey so that he too can enjoy the skin and all of the cosmetics with it – as well as enjoying the Journey itself. I haven't used the leader/skin in months. But the game itself is suffering because of this poor marketing technique.

Bottom line is, the Shop needs to be greatly expanded. Boards, leaders, old Journeys, card backs, and more need to be available more often. Let me help you out CDPR: you could still keep things time gated to some extent but open it up so that the first 3 days of every ranked month there is a massive sale of cosmetics.

The players are saying "shut up and take my money" but CDPR doesn't want it.


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