The Hatchling “Solution”

Isn’t it true that everyone complaining about people rushing loot spawns and gammaing valuable items are missing the point entirely, which is that this mechanic exists whether or not players come in geared. Whether you come in naked or with gen4 airframes and an M4, if you’re closest to the ledx spawn you’re going to rush it and throw it in your gamma. After that, even though they came in geared, “your loot” was still taken and hidden by someone else, simply because they spawned in closer than you.

Also, no matter what anyone proposes about a minimum gear value, the truth is rushing loot spawns on maps like shoreline result in a net profit that negates the loss of even most mid-tier kits. Meaning it would still be profitable to rush 220w, 301w, 226e techlight kiba etc, with a moderate kit that you don’t bail on at spawn, and disconnect. None of these solutions solve this issue because it isn’t a fixable issue, it’s a vital game mechanic. Loot spawns in certain places. Certain player spawns are closer to the loot. And the majority of people hatchet rushing these spawns are regular players, broke or bored or whatever, not the “evil third party sellers” which we use to make the anti-hatchling narrative much more compelling.

The only changes that would actually alter this problem would be to remove fixed loot spawns entirely, or initiate a minimum gear value and remove the ability to disconnect. One would completely render the games entire system of keys irrelevant, which makes it improbable for BSG to do, and the other still wouldn’t negate the profit of loot rushing, though it would require players to sit on grenades or jump from high buildings, drawing attention to themselves and increasing the chance that their minimum gear would Be found and looted by other players, instead of taking a minimum gear value kit and disconnecting in some remote corner of the dorms basement for insurance purposes. Even this method would still allow for tactical gear ditching, rendering it basically useless.

This “problem,” and I don’t honestly see it as one, is one completely unsolvable inside the infrastructure BSG has created. It would require an entire restructuring of the game which is just not feasible.

If it’s some weird fake alpha issue of pride, which it seems to be (here come the downvotes), some idea of “I come in geared ready to kill and these pussies don’t,” then I don’t think that this game offers any actual solution for you. Just enjoy it bruv, Tarkov fucking rocks despite the babybois streaking through resort.


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