The ideal “Jack of all trades” Oddysey ship

o7 CMDRs,

I've been trying to come up with an Oddysey mission runner/exobiology/short range explorer ship. The brief I've been working towards is:

  • a small, decently agile ship with a good cockpit view which can land at all settlements and in tight spots.
  • some ground attack capability for those pesky skimmers and thinning out on-foot npcs, with enough survivability to not get instantly squished by defences.
  • the ability to match some smaller ships and to GTFO when things get hairy.
  • good jump range for short excursions and generally getting about.
  • at least two SRVs so I can afford to lose one if I get in trouble or decide to drive down a chasm.

So far I have come up with this DBX, and I wanted to share it to see what people thought and how I might be able to improve on it because I dont have much experience with Oddysey missions yet.

Some specific things I was wondering:

  • I stuck with lightweight bulkheads because upgraded ones take a huge chunk off the range, and I intend to bug out when the shield drops and let it recharge anyway. With the CG FSD it has ~63 LY range and reactive surface composite knocks it down to ~57, but this might be a worthy trade for better survivability.

  • Is there ever a requirement for a small cargo rack for Oddysey missions and exploring if you aren't bothered about picking up crashed escape pods etc? If not, I'll drop it for a docking computer because I'm lazy.

  • Is it better to take chaff or another shield booster instead? I don't intent to pick fights with other ships but the ability to get out/evade defences is useful.

  • I went with 2x dumbfire racks and a large frag cannon with the idea of getting up close and finishing other small ships off quickly, is the DBX agile/fast enough to do this or am I going to struggle?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. It might be asking too much of the little DBX to do all of these things in one loadout, but I wanted to have a go anyway.


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