The Imposter in Super Smash Bros!

Neutral B- Tasks.

Functionally similar to the Monado Arts. with their abilities being

  • Medbay – autoheals damage over time for a short time.
  • Electrical – Damage up
  • Engine – Speed up
  • Launchpad – jump height up

Side B- Vent.

Places a vent that Imposter hops into, then moves through the floor, popping out when the button is released. Deals damage if you pop out underneath someone, but has some end lag allowing for punishment.

Up B- Makeshift Engine.

Builds a makeshift engine that can be angled. Subsequently, there is a fire-box beneath the engine, and when the Imposter jumps off, it falls down and explodes.

Down B- Sabotage

Sabotage is a short-ranged attack that effectively reverses your latest Task on an opponent.


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