The (intended or not) side effects the new stacking gold reduction?

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I was wondering what are the side effects of the new stacking change in gold reduction. Here is what I found so far:

  1. Stack pull small camp is less worth.
  2. Stacking 1 camp for yourself early game is probably not worth it (before battle fury), since it will give you less gold now. might as well use that time to move to the next camp. late game stacking when carry can clear camps fast is still worth imo. I have developed habbit that whenever I am clearing camp at 54 mark I stack but it doesn't seem worth it anymore.
    This does hurt CM quite a lot since she usually kills big creep while stacking at the same time, and can do it on the same camp twice, so the big creep is less worth for her (but also the frost bite cost less now so 🙂
  3. Alchemist might be the best stack clearer now, since the change doesnt hurt him much anyway (mentioned by Sunsfan/Synd)
  4. heroes that can do undetected stacking might go around that change? I have tested lion once stacking with earth spike and it went undetected. Not sure if there other heroes who do that (kunka torrent? ogre eul multi cast? wind shard?)


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