The Interchange and Customs saga solved!

So just a few hours ago today I made this post:
where I posted a giant map of tarkov I made of all the maps connected. After reading some feedback and exploring interchange and customs more I came to the conclusion I was partially wrong. A lot of people pointed out that everything is upside down which I am aware of. But the claim that interchange should be turned around as well really annoyed me. So I started researching more and I found out the so called "mall" we see from customs isn't really a mall, just a warehouse that looks similar, lemme explain before u click off or write about how wrong I am. I went to interchange and saw this (1). That instantly made no sense to me because customs isn't here and it's like interchange is behind streets, which wouldn't line up with customs at all. I went to customs and saw (2). I started to suspect that this might not even be interchange for many reasons, the sign making no sense, streets behind farther on and of course the roads making no sense at all with the ones seen in interchange. Then I remembered that this bridge from (3) existed, this bridge comes from the river and woods and it has train tracks like in my original map (4). I went back to interchange and found this (5) and I believe this bridge from interchange is the same bridge from customs. As proof the powerlines align (6) and the warehouse that's the fake mall (7). So for all the people pointing out that interchange was oriented wrong ur right, I had to do more research to find this out and I am glad I did and I hope I made things more clear.


picture(2) The so called interchange mall (actually just a warehouse)







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